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Code of

Customer Etiquette Divine Muse B.V.


When Divine Muse and its clients make a booking with one of our High Class Escorts, we would like to ask you in advance about the client etiquette of Divine Muse B.V. read carefully. You may naturally apply this etiquette, but for those who have no experience with this or are new to the wonderful world of the High Class Escort, we would like to take the time to provide you with information about how we want you to interact with our Escorts. The relationship between you and the High Class Escort is based on discretion and trust, which are also the core values of our company. Our High Class Escorts highly appreciate it if you take the points below into account, so that both you and our escorts can indulge in an unforgettable, stimulating date.

We ask you to observe the following points:

Preparation & Hygiene

You only make a first impression once!
For Divine Muse, hygiene is not a word but a habit. At Divine Muse we ensure a date arranged down to the last detail for both you and the escort. You may think of a very elegant, well-groomed, clean-shaven escort for whom hygiene is paramount. We and our escorts ensure that they look good during every date. If you have any wishes regarding clothing, lingerie or other requests, you can let us know prior to the date.
Our escorts really appreciate it if you take the time to take great care of your personal hygiene. , so that you can present yourself to the escort in an equal manner, showered, chic, gallant and clean.
You as a client are always asked that the room where you receive the escort (think of a minimum 4* hotel) or home location) is clean, tidy, safe and above all hygienic. We will of course verify where the date will take place with every booking.


To avoid uncomfortable situations when it comes to financial matters, we ask you to pay our escort on your own initiative and prior to the date (by debit/credit card or cash).
If you choose, in cash to pay, you must ensure that

The amount due – in an opened envelope – is handed over to the escort within the first 10 minutes of the booking.
We will instruct the escort that the amount handed over is counted discreetly.

Of course there are several payment options, namely:

  • Credit card payment: we charge a surcharge of 10%. Payments using this option must be made within the first 10 minutes of the date using a mobile PIN device.
  • PIN payment: we do not charge a surcharge for this. Payments using this option must be made within the first 10 minutes of the date using a mobile PIN device.
  • Transfer prior to the date.
  • Payment request prior to the date.


As previously indicated, our escorts are very discreet with your privacy, we expect you to mutually respect this.
We do not appreciate it if you hand over your personal details and/or business card to our escort during the date ( with the possible aim of making a booking outside of Divine Muse).

We also assume that you will respect her privacy when you appear in public with our escort. If the escort agrees to intimate contact (for example walking hand in hand in a public space), this is of course permitted. If the escort does not wish this, you must respect this wish. We and the escort do everything we can to ensure that the double life she leads does not become known.

Your wish to take an escort with you to a house, hotel, party or restaurant is of course permitted.
At such parties, where sexual acts are performed, the escort will only have intimate contact with you and only you. to have. If the escort agrees to be touched and/or viewed by third parties, Divine Muse will charge a surcharge.

Safe Sex

We at Divine Muse take care of our escorts.
Our escorts are also naturally very keen on their own physical health and they do everything they can to stay healthy and fit. We would like to point out that they never compromise their physical health and that sexual acts only take place with a condom. The escort and we as a company work exclusively in accordance with the safe sex policy. This means that they only provide services with a condom. This includes anal, vaginal and oral sex. Any form of unsafe sex must be refused by the escort in accordance with our policy. It is strictly forbidden to offer the escort extra earnings for unsafe sexual practices